Monday, May 31, 2010

Prom Con't.

Prom. What can I possible say about Prom? A lot of things really. There were tiny disappointments fueled by an imaginative mind that thought prom was the be-all-end-all, a magical fairytale, a night I'd remember clearly and distinctly. And it was to a point all of those things. But it's forever going to be cemented into the walls of my brain because of the people I went with, the people I danced with, and the memories I now share with those people. Prom is nothing without that. Prom holds this huge title, this right of passage, and the real reason its so because of us.The day of prom went smoothly. There wasn't a snag in my plans that lead me to be late, or to be frustrated or upset. I slept in, then got up and went to my hair appointments house. I got my hair done to the setting of a rambunctious 2 and a half year old, and three older girls making food and watching me get my hair done. We laughed, we talked, and she put 52 bobby pins in my hair along with 8 cute decorative ones. I loved my hair.

(I actually took this picture after prom. Yeah, it stayed in all night!)

After that hour-some long hair session, I went straight home to get dolled up. I pulled my leggings on, stepped into my dress, put on a little eyeliner, slipped my shoes on and was ready to go. I felt beautiful in an awkward way, like a clumsy baby giraffe in a dress. I had everything I needed packed in my huge purse; prom ticket, extra clothes just in case, money for afterward, and my camera. I could not forget my camera. I wanted to remember this night not only in my mind, but in pictures as well. Pictures are aid to the memory; they can help you remember what you might have otherwise forgotten and I want to always have proof of the amazing night I had.

After I was done getting ready, we had to head over to my friends house because that was where the limo was picking us up. Yes, I said it...Limo!! I've never been in a limo in my life before. I've seen them, possibly looked inside one, but I have never been in one and I certainly have never driven around in one like I was of importance, fame, or even royalty! For most of us, that was the highlight of our night. Screw prom, lets go drive around in our limo with fancy dresses on!

The limo wasn't scheduled to come until around 4, so we spent that time alternating between talking and sitting around, and taking pictures. Of course moms, brothers, aunts, everyone who was there had cameras in their hands. It was so weird to see seven cameras pointed at you at once, and then try and decide which to look at. But it was special to get the attention all on us for the day, considering that we don't go to formal events very often and I haven't ever owned a dress as nice as the one I had on.

They told us to pose Charlie's Angels style, so I did.

As you can see, amongst the serious poses and smiles we had going on, we had fun with it as well. We posed, we laughed, we fell, and we got it all on camera. There was a camera going off every 5 seconds. I don't even want to think about some of the faces those cameras all caught me pulling. Although we had a somewhat fun time taking pictures, they were making us uncomfortable and Sam (orange dress) was already hurting in hers due to some issues she had with her dress (and believe me, they continued all night up until the limo dropped us off at our houses). We were sweating and hot, and the pictures fizzled out quickly and were replaced with smoke breaks (for some of the parents) along with banter and chatting until the limo got there.

We were almost to our breaking point of waiting when someone shouted that the limo was here, and our excitement shot right back up to eleven. Commence the taking of a bazillion more photos of us in front of the sweet ass limo, and finally we crawled into it one by one (with us having to stop on the back seat to take pictures of us getting in). Oh, parents.

The limo was amazing. Although it didn't have a open sky roof thing to stick our heads out of (like we'd planned on doing), it was beautiful inside and we had so much fun. Our limo driver was so nice. We were worried we were too loud or being demanding (mostly later at night, when we asked him to drive us to get fast food, but I'll get to that in a minute), but he was telling us to crank the music as loud as we wanted, and he didn't mind at all. He was sweet, and even said he was grateful for his job of driving us to prom because otherwise he'd be up in New York driving around. Yeah, I don't blame the guy.

The inside was beautiful, the lights changed colors and they had these beautiful glasses to drink from.

My best friend Kelsi (purple dress) and her boyfriend Steven sitting next to her.

We all looked so beautiful (and handsome) that sitting in that limo we were royalty. We were famous. We were of extreme importance. There weren't a group of better looking people than us, and I don't care how egotistical that sounds. We were hot, we were awesome, and we had such an amazing time together. I loved spending prom night with these amazing people, every single one of my friends made the night more than just Prom. They made it a night I won't ever forget.

Although we had joked about ditching prom and driving around in the limo, we soon arrived at prom after a 30-35 minute drive (more or less that time anyway; it seemed pretty quick but I wasn't keeping time). We timed our arrival time pretty perfectly, we weren't standing outside for the doors to open more than ten minutes. I was in amazement at how fabulous everyone looked. The girls were in the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen and I don't know how many compliments I gave out that night, but I couldn't help it! These were the people I was use to seeing in jeans, sweatpants, tee shirts and tanks. The guys cleaned up pretty nicely too, and everyone just looked picture perfect.

We picked a table off to the side of the dance floor so that we weren't exactly isolated, but were weren't directly in the middle of everyone either. And that meant the dance floor was in easy access to us, which was a plus. 'Cause I had some serious dancing to do. The place was very nice. The table arrangements were nice, with flower centerpieces and white table clothes. It looked so regal and elegant, a word I wouldn't ever associate with my senior class in a million years. They had very diligent servers who were nice and polite.

We had a slide show of pictures of our senior class in the background above the dance floor.

The beginning of prom was a bit boring. It was the greeting of friends and then the taking of a thousand and one pictures with said friends, but also the waiting for the food. Hungry teenagers waiting for food? Very very bad thing. So yeah, that part was a bit boring, and when we finally did get our food, it was a bit disappointing. It wasn't bad, I wouldn't go as far as to say that. I ate it fine, but it wasn't as good as we'd hoped, although I loved the mash potatoes. Those were pretty good. The desserts they put out later were pretty good too. Better than the main meal.

So after we were done eating, they had a slow dance for couples which is the trick to breaking the ice and getting people out on the dance floor. We probably weren't even into our third fast dancing song of the night when something happened and the music stopped. I think something blew, and we were 20 minutes without music, but I hadn't even really gotten into my dancing groove at that point, so it wasn't too bad of a wait. They eventually got it fixed and the music was as loud as ever. Of course, at these things you don't dance, not in the way you look majestic and rhythmic. No at prom you sway your hips, jump around on your feet, and for a lack of a better word (mostly only if you have a guy, or just a really awesome friend who doesn't mind you getting down and dirty) you grind. My friends and I who didn't have dates just swayed around, moving our hips to the beat and laughing at our stupid dance moves.

So we all had a great time at prom. There was no drama (at least not in my group of friends), I got to dance the night away with great friends of mine, I met someone new (a friends boyfriend), I shared jokes and laughter, and I took pictures I plan to keep forever. We didn't stay till the very end, though. We left 15 minutes early to escape the rush of kids leaving at the same time, and plus we wanted extra time to go find food to eat. Which we found, after having our limo driver check Pizza Hut (closed), so we all settled on Burger King and Taco Bell. Which surprisingly was very very busy at 10:30-11:30 at night. And yes, we did walk into Burger king in our formal wear. It was awesome and the amazed looks, compliments and even the snotty looks we got were all taken in stride.

Sam and I ended up going through Taco Bell drive-threw while the rest of our friends were waiting across the street in a long line at Burger King. We also ended up chatting with the driver who, I have to say it again, is an amazing guy. He was sweet and funny, and didn't mind that we made him take a limo through the drive through of taco bell. He really made the night more memorial, we couldn't have asked for a better person to be putting up with our shenanigans. Especially when we were taking flash pictures that probably were blinding him (because we didn't have the window divider up) and when we had our glow stick wild dance party in the back.

By the time we got our food we were pretty tired. We'd had a danced out night, and most of us had been in our formal wear since morning and were ready to get out of it. We all decided instead of going back to Kelsi's house (where the limo had picked us up) we were just going to individually get dropped off at our houses. So of course I called Mom up telling her to wait outside so she could see a limo pull up in our drive way, and when the driver got to my house you could see flashes going off. Of course more pictures were being taken, how had I even thought there wouldn't?

So over all I think we all had a fabulous time. Last night just proved how much I love my friends and how much fun we all create when we're together. I don't want this to end after high school. I want it to continue on, with more people getting added into the mix but keeping my old friends I know and love to pieces.

Prom was spectacular. I couldn't have asked for a better night, and I honestly won't ever forget this in a million years. Even if I do, I have the pictures to bring the ghost memory back. You can't fake the smiles on our faces or the sparkles in our eyes. That's what prom is all about anyway, isn't it?


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