Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Insert Title ;)

A little over a week. What's in a little over a week you ask? Freedom. I will be able to say I conquered my first year of college, and boy....was it one hell of a ride. I may not be any more closer to knowing what the final outcome of this all is, but I can say I know alittle more about the struggles of adulthood. Not by choice, it just kinda gets thrown at you...whether you're ready to catch it or not.

Beauty school is pretty much a sure thing for me now. I'm getting excited about it, and it just makes sense. It's something I don't mind taking loans out for, but also something I'll enjoy doing. At least to get a job, make some money and maybe later change my career. People don't stick with the same things all the time, and nor should they. I'm a person who likes change (although I have problems with huge changes- so i'm sometimes ok with change, let's say). One day I'm inward and mellow, the next crazy and spontanoues. let each day bring you a new challenge, a new trait, a new friend or a new adventure. Never settle for the same thing, day in or day out. Honestly, that gets boring. I hate boring.

So I'm going to go for cosmotology, and hopefully make something for myself. I can see myself pushing to get to where I want to be, and never settling for something I'm not happy with. Before I do that, though, I really need to push myself to study for my finals. I've already skipped one with my partner (much to the anger of our professor) and we delayed it till thursday, but now I have a government test (not the final, yet) I have to make up that I'm pretty sure I only know 2% of what is on it. Yikes! I feel more nervous and guiliter as I type this out because I should be studying.

I wanted to just update because writing helps me. It's something I'm good at and it's the one thing that let's me be honest with myself. Sometimes we need that when no one else will tell us how it truely is.

So I'm off to study, and each passing day leaves me closer to summer!
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