Saturday, May 29, 2010

of nail salons and sticky eyebrows

Although prom is officially tomorrow I feel the beginning of excitement creeping into my soul and digging deep into the muscles around my mouth, itching to make me smile. My friends and I just went to get our nails done this morning so we can look extra glam and fabulous for tomorrow.

Except our nails didn't exactly turn out how we'd thought. Lot's of people find places they love and that's why they stick to them. When you want good service and you find it, you're very reluctant to change it up. You know what those people can do, you've found it and you don't want to play the guessing game of "I wonder if this place is any good". My favorite nail place is an hour and some away though, up by my grandmother, and my one friends cousin had a suggestion of the nail salon she goes to so we went there instead.

Now, I'm sure most of the women who work there are talented. They wouldn't get booked with appointments if they weren't. But with our group...they weren't up to par. I happened to come out with minimal damage and faults with my nails. They actually look nice and for the price I paid, I'm pretty happy with them. I could tell I was given the new girl. There is just a way someone acts when they're new on the job; nervous, shifty, unsure. She had all three of those, and her technique wasn't as swift as those who had been doing it for longer. My best friends nails also turned out pretty nicely. Her nails and mine probably were the best out of all three of us. My one friend though didn't get that mercy. I think there was a communication error. At these nail salons sometimes it's hard to understand their accents, and sometimes they can't understand us. Sam, the friend in question, isn't a nails girl. She isn't use to getting her nails glammed up and I think she knew what she wanted but didn't explain it well. In return, the lady was quick to assume and go with that she thought Sam meant.

This is what mainly caused her nails to come out looking weird. The white tips were too long, there was so much white tip that it covered half her nail; that look isn't normal or natural looking. They were also a little bit longer than she wanted, which I don't really blame the worker for, my friend could have spoken up about that. And to top it off, they were still wet when we left so she ended up smudging them and messing up the polish.

In true typical fashion, instead of getting overly upset, we laughed about it. We were laughing so hard about the faults in some of our nails (and not to mention the wax the women left on my eyebrows! New girl, indeed.) that we couldn't breathe. I look at my nails, and along with the cute designs on them, and the white polish, I see a memory of laughter and fun. I see an upcoming prom with beautiful girls in pretty dresses and boys dressed to the nines. I see a future I'm looking forward too. Life is like the nails we just got; sometimes it doesn't turn out how you wanted it to, but you have to laugh about it. Getting angry at those ladies wouldn't have solved anything, and we could have had them redone but for what? They're just nails. It wasn't the end of the world.

So, we had a fun time. And for the most part, our nails turned out great. I'm excited for music, for dancing, for a table filled with friends, laughter, and memorable moments I won't ever forget. Not to mention the sweet ass limo we are riding in to prom tomorrow, I definitely can't forget that!


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