Friday, May 14, 2010

Hail the size of golf balls

Thank God it's Friday! This week went fast, in a blink of an eye, and yet during school it felt like forever. We ended Friday with a bout of bad weather over here, and I'm not talking just rain. No, rain we can deal with. Heck, rain can be fun. When it's hailing ice the size of golf balls? Fun? Nope, more like ow.

It was humid all day, and just inching towards a storm...but we had no idea it would hail like this! To be honest, the storm wasn't that bad (although there are still places with thunderstorm/torando warnings in effect), it didn't last long but it was the speed and size of the hail that made it seem bad. It was ricocheting off our garage, the roof, the windows. It sounded bad, and I hope everyone who got the hail was inside or under something because I couldn't image being out with the hail of the century falling down outside. You'd be bruised for sure.

To give you an idea of how fast this hail was coming down, and how big it was, look at that hole! They were all around the yard. We got a range of hail, from the size of dimes all the way to the size of golf balls on steroids. It was pretty cool considering I've never seen hail like that before. It's nice to experience something new every once in a while. Even if it's a hail apocalypse.

My friend was considering a bonfire tonight, I have no idea if those plans are still a-go. Either way, I don't mind. I'm in a mood where, if we have the bonfire, I'll be ready to party hardy, but if I stay home, I'll be ready to laze around and go to bed early. It's that kind of day. My week has been surprisingly good. I've gone to bed earlier than I ever have before, so I've been resting well and waking up ready to go to school. I helped my friend with her graduation cards, inspiring a mini-photo shoot because we both made our own invitations, and we added our pictures on them. It was fun, and hanging out with her always reminds me that I want her to be the friend that sticks with me into adulthood. I'll try my hardest to stay in contact with her no matter which way our paths take us, even if they may be away from each other.

School is ending so fast. I'm not yet in that excited count down mood, but I'm aware we only have like 16 more days until we're out for good. Even less until Prom. Our senior year wasn't as great as some past senior years have been, what with our school starting construction and things getting shifted, and them just generally not caring if they take away senior privileges from us...but we got through the year, and we're on our way. Which ever ways we all take, we're done! The ones that go to graduation, the ones that get their diplomas, they will always have that to look back on. They finished high school, we finished high school. It's such a weird thought. Even though I'm planning on going to college, it'll be so different from high school. No longer will I have to get up, hop on a bus, sit through 80 minute classes with teachers I've gotten to know, have flex with my friends... My friends. Probably the only thing I'll miss from school. I made such amazing friends through these 12 years, and I hope I make more in the coming years, too.

It's going to be so weird, the day after graduation, waking up and realizing I'm not going back to school. School will still be in session, 'cause seniors get our early. Okay, now I'm getting a bit excited. I can't wait. At this point in our lives, we just want to move on. We want to experience new things, meet new people, create new experiences and memories. When I look into my future, I just see happiness, fun, love. I'll have good times, I'll have bad times, but they'll be all apart of the same thing: life. There's something so beautiful in life, and I just want to live it for all it's worth.

Have an amazing weekend! I'm going to have a busy one.


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