Saturday, June 5, 2010


The end of the school year is always the best and the worst. It's a bittersweet sugary ending; even more so now that I'm a senior. With this closing of another thick chapter in my life comes the round of finals for classes. I'm not worried considering I've had great grades, but finals are a significant percentage of our final class grade, and I don't want those good grades to drop. So instead of blowing off studying for much funner things (and oh the fun things I could be doing), I am studying. I'm not being as serious as I could be though, but I'm getting my study guides slowly accomplished.

I had two finals last Friday, and while taking the tests I couldn't bring myself to get worked up about questions I didn't remember. I couldn't even get stressed. All I could say was "I doesn't matter" and honestly, it doesn't. The knowledge I have stored outweighs the things I don't know (in those classes anyway), and the questions I knew I had correct would conteract any questions I got wrong. So I was zen about it. I took my time (but not too much time) and I tried my best. That's all I could have done. I definitely wouldn't have known most of the questions if I hadn't studied like I did before hand, though. So I'm doing it now for the two last finals I have. I can't wait. Monday comes with two finals in school, then a trip to a college to do a placement test, and then SUMMER. Full blown sun kissed skin, sticky Popsicle lips, flip flops, water and laughter SUMMER. After Monday the no more high school summer extravaganza beings. I can not possibly wait.

I don't think I've ever been this excited about a summer in my life. I use to be excited for school to be out, not necessarily summer to begin, and in a way I guess I am. But college is a bigger step than high school with more obligations, more stress, and more work, so that's in my horizon and I'm not all that excited for that at the moment. But no, it's honest to gosh summer I am looking forward to. Everything you can do in summer and more is on my list. I want a tan, I want to swim, I want ice cream weekly, I want to moan and complain about the heat, I want friends, I want camping. I'm excited as I type this out. It's going to be great. And I know sometimes I get myself way more excited about things than I possibly should and then I get disappointed but...this I can make exciting. Summer doesn't have to be boring, you don't have to be stuck inside. You can find anything to do during summer and I am going to take every advantage of it that I can.

The topic of studying today was Psychology, and a phrase on my study guide said "approaches to Psychology". Now I totally blanked and had to look in the book (which has been my savior since I seem to have misplaced most of my Psych notes) but there's an approach called The Humanistic Approach. It's basically the thought that humans are good and with the right amount of everything they can gain perfection. Now I don't know about perfection, because I'm always going to have a bad hair day, I'm always going to have a day when my temper just snaps, and there will always be something I don't find perfect about myself, but I agree with the good part. I think for the most part people are good and they practice that theory of being good. And reading that I think there should be a Summeristic Approach. Summer seems the cure for everything. Your free to do so many things, and even though it can get melt-your-skin hot, that can be fixed by pulling out the hose, or jumping into a pool, or heck, if you don't have a pool jump into a lake. But there is something about summer that just is deep-to-the-bones good. I just want to spend so much time experiencing that good with my family and friends.

This summer is going to be amazing. ♥


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