Sunday, May 23, 2010


If how I cleaned today is anything to compare to how I'll clean up when I have my own house, with my own family in it...I'm saving up to hire a house cleaner for the rest of my life. My room goes through phases, which all add together to end terribly. Phase 1 is the clothing bomb. The clothing bomb is when I'm too lazy to put away my clean clothes so they get stacked on the chair of my desk, but soon after are then on the floor from my rummaging around to find what I want to wear. This is the start of what i like to call the Apocalypse.

Phase 2 is other odds and ends. Perhaps I was coloring and just didn't feel like putting crayons and paper back. This is now on my floor. Maybe I was going through my school binder and now have random piles of school work all over my floor. This does not get cleaned up later. You can see where phase 2 leads.

Phase 3 is an over flowing hamper that spreads to the surrounding areas of my bedroom floor. This is not to be confused with phase 1 of the room Apocalypse, because it causes a whole new level of catastrophe. Now I have messy and clean clothes strewn about the floor. Have you ever heard of the sniff test? You're a saint if you haven't, because the sniff test (picking it up and smelling to make sure it doesn't smell too badly and is indeed okay to wear) becomes your friend when you're in phase 3.

Phase 4 is code red. Phase 4 is when all the other phases have reached their peak and I can no longer get through my room without making designated pathways to reach the door. It's so bad my own mother does not come in my room for fear of breaking her neck. It's when I forget what color carpeting I have. I usually stay in phase 4 for a long time, or that is until I can't stand it any longer and I must clean it. Today was my buckle-down-and-clean-this-apocalypse-up day.

It took me two days of just half halfheartedly rearranging things and picking things up, and then today was the big kahuna. The phrase is "it has to get worse to get better", well the first two days was me making it worse. Today was me making it better. Things were on my floor, things were on my dresser, under my desk...I didn't even want to look. But I wrangled my self determination and I spent all day (literally) cleaning my room until now I can see my floor, I can find my clothes in drawers, and I don't have to fear of hurting myself when I want to walk out of my room. It's so nice after I clean it, and it makes me wonder how I can let it get that messy. It's just something that takes a life of its own and before I know it we're flashing Phase 4 warning bells, and praying for the best.

I don't have to worry about the tornado that inevitably will hit my room sometime (my mom says she's giving it a week) from now just yet though. I have time to soak up the cleanness of the room and the hard work I put into making it look this way.

I started my week off by working hard, and I'll end it by partying at Prom. I hope everyone has a fabulous week!


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