Sunday, May 30, 2010


So Prom Day is finally here. My excitement grows with every change in my laptops digital clock. I've just finished getting myself awake and having breakfast. Now I have to get ready to go get my hair done. If someone doesn't go to prom for the sheer fun of it, they should go so they can feel like royalty. This has been magical. This pent up excitement. This feeling of feeling beautiful.

I want everyone to have a fun time. I want them to have so much fun there isn't a word for it. But I want every one of my classmates to make it home alive, especially since I know more than half are going to after-parties to get wasted. That is their decision, and there was a chance I could have been in their position up until recent plan changes, and even so I hope they all stay safe. We're so close, nothing should chance them getting to their graduation day.

Prom!!! Man, being a senior has had up and down moments but these past weeks have finally decided it for me: I love being 18. No matter how hard it is, I love it. I love my friends and family, going to school and counting down the days. It's been great.

I'll have to update after prom with pictures and such. I'll be way too tired to post anything tonight. I'm going to dance the night away. (:


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