Friday, June 18, 2010

excitement (I can't hide it)

I know a post or two down I said that being busy wasn't always a good thing, but darn it, there sure is something appealing in having your days filled up with places to be and people to see. That's how my upcoming week seems to be though. I have fathers day (a nice surprise to a baseball game for dad), outside camping in my backyard with friends, a yard sale to host, and a college orientation. Sometime after that I have my permit to get and drivers license to acquire soon after. Then this summer is going to be riddled with things I want to do (such as visit an amusement park, go to the beach, possibly go to ocean city, maryland), and friends I want to hang with, so yeah. Busy busy busy.

But the most recent thing I'm doing is coming up tomorrow (or technically today, since it's very early in the morning). I'm heading over to my friends house and along with another friend of mine we're having a sleep over that is going to rule our lives. Just thinking about it gives me the immature giggles of all the fun we're going to have and trouble we'll get into. By trouble I mean the good trouble of course! Oh believe me, there will be a full post on the glorious day we have, but for now all I can talk about is how excited I am to be hanging out with them.

One of them is my best friend of all time. I only have a handful (not even that, honestly) of best friends, although I have tons of friends, and I'm fine with that. It's never quantity, it's quality, and my friends are some of the best quality friends out there. The problem is, I don't get to see her very often because she lives in another school district. Not very far away, but enough of a problem when you don't have a drivers license or even a car. So tomorrow (today) is going to be us seeing each other after months of not hanging out. We talk every day (literally every day, we're always IMing one another) but it's not the same. So we're planning all our shenanigans and stuff to do and our day is going to rock.

Then her other best friend who I've met and adore is coming over too. I've met him a couple times but I liked him instantly. He's going to add to our amazing day and make it mind blowing. Can you tell I'm super excited about this? I can't even make a sentence that doesn't sound giddy.

So yes, while quiet evenings in are great, I love having things to do sometimes and especially love seeing my friends. I'll blog all about the wonderful time I know I'll have after it's said and done.


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