Sunday, June 20, 2010

days with friends & Father's day

The post before this was in anticipation of the sleepover with my two friends and let me say that it was way more fun than I could have ever imagined. When getting older it won't be the specifics I quite remember, like cramming three grown teenagers in a twin bed, eating cookie crisp cereal with icing at late o clock in the morning/night, getting into trouble with a webcam (nothing too bad!), or eating popcorn in bed, but what I will remember is the love and friendship I have found in some of the most amazing people. Whether we are friends 10 years down the line or not there is no way I can deny that my friends are amazing. They are some of the most amazing people on the planet.

We had a blast and I've created so many more memories to cram into my hippocampus (thank you psychology!). From walking into the store and making a fool of ourselves because we didn't see the long line of cards along the wall, getting lost going up to The Knob (a look out place, very beautiful) and then later skidding off the road and calling AAA to help us, wiping the house clean of anything good to eat, giggly about ridiculously stupid things, staying up until morning and night bleed together.... I'm sure there are things I'm missing, but the memory blends together into a full day of fun and laughter and awesome people I get to call my friends.

In a way I know that the people I've surrounded myself with have shaped me, but to a point I am who I am because of genetics, so I am so glad that I have found perfect people to match with my random laughter-infested personality. I know some people go through life without having great relationships with people, or without friends they can truly be themselves around, and I feel bad for them. I have people I could tell anything to, be lame around, and they'll still accept me. I have friends who laugh at my sometimes really stupid jokes (they're not always stupid :) but always supply me with stupid jokes to laugh at. I have friends who text me to hang out just because. I have people who say they miss me. When I was a little fourth grader I never thought I'd have this, I was such a late bloomer when it came to friendship. I am so glad I have had this through the teenager years of my life. It's been my glue, my support, my backbone, my brace. Anything and everything that holds things up, that is what my friends have been for me.


Father's Day. A day dedicated to daddy's everywhere by kids (and adults) who appreciate how awesome they are. My sister and I appreciated our father by taking him to a baseball game. Maybe not the most extravagant thing, but it's something he would enjoy and he got to spend time with us. Win/win!

It was hot, although with some clouds and a nice breeze at times, we got sunburned, we didn't have much money to get the overpriced food, and it was a pretty boring game. I don't for one minute regret going, and I had fun. We cheered for our team (although I cheer for both teams 'cause I usually forget in the heat of the moment of the play who I'm rooting for), laughed at the random things they have at the minor leagues (like t-shirt throwing, little races, random guys dancing), and enjoyed each others company. It was exactly, more or less, how I wanted it to go.

My awesome Dad and I at the Iron Pigs game. (:

My father is not perfect. There are things he doesn't do, lots of things he does, and he is the best at getting under my skin when I'm not in a good mood. But there are so many redeeming qualities about my dad, like the way he can make me laugh at any moment, he is always there to listen when we need him to, he would do anything for us, and he always keeps us in his heart. Just yesterday he was telling me how he saw my dream car ('67 Chevy Impala) for sale in someones yard and he wished he had the money to buy it and surprise me by driving home with it for me. It warmed my heart not because of the car, but because he was thinking about me. He was listening all those times when I gushed about wanting that car. It's simple parent moments like that that make him so special to me.

There are no two people in this world I could possibly love more than my Mom and Dad. There are people I love just as much, but there is no way it could come close to the love I feel for my parents. Parents always say a love for their child is different, that no one can possibly understand it until they have kids, but I think people forget that a child's love for a parent is a special love in it's own right. They are the people who gave us life, helped us grow, helped us to love and become good people. They are the people we look up to, our unmasked heroes who have checking accounts, do bills, go to work, and run a whole household. They are the people who when we don't have anywhere else to turn, they are the secret hidden path to safety, or at least comfort. There is no getting around the love a kid has for their parents.

So Father's Day was great even if my cheeks are a bit tender, and I'm glad we went. I know he had a great time too, and that's all that counts.


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