Friday, June 25, 2010


Something that signifies summer's arrive more than anything, more than the scorching heat, the blooming flowers, the singing songbirds, is yardsales. When people who have done their spring cleaning unpack their boxes and spread it all out on their lawn for mere cents. That's exactly what we're doing. We're having a yardsale, baby!

This is my first real yardsale. Not one where mom does the work and us kids just run around playing. This time is different. I had things I needed to priced, I had to find places for everything, and I have to wake up super early tomorrow because it's the first day of the yardsale and I'm designated cashier. Not only that but I was the one who originally wanted this yardsale, it would be unfair to have Mom be the only one to wake up early and do the work. So rising early tomorrow it is!

Honestly I saw the many boxes piled up, but even then it didn't register how much stuff we actually had. But unboxing them one by one and pricing items...we have a hell of a lot of stuff, man. Laying it out for sale took up our garage and our whole end part of our driveway, where my parents cars park. Not only is it my stuff, but there's my Mom's, my sisters and even my best friends. Yeah, this is one huge yard sale. I hope two days is enough to get rid of all this.

This summer hasn't exactly started off how I planned, but when does anything ever go exactly how it's been planned? So far though, it hasn't been too bad. I've gone swimming, gone to a baseball game, had relaxing days, gotten a mean sunburn, had a bonfire (although it got ended early) and now I'm hosting a yardsale. Not too bad, and I've got two months left! I plan to throw in there, possibly; a trip to the beach, more walks around where I live, more swimming, time spent with friends, finding a job (let's hope!) and anything summer I can think of.

I've gotten my hand on popsicles and they taste extra amazing in the heat of summer. Nothing beats sweating under the hot summer sunshine with a cold popsicle in your hand and it's fruity flavor resting on your tongue. It reminds me of summers as a kid.

There's also something special about summer shadows. They are completely different from winter shadows cast over dazzling melting snow. Summer shadows encompass a feeling of freedom, of smiles, of running through sprinklers and sleeping in late. They bring out a bubbly laughter when you wave at them, and they wave back. It's weird that as I grow older, I appreciate these childishly innocent things even more year after year. When you're younger you rarely stop to think about these things, and now it's like I can't get enough.

Although it sucks I need to get up so very early for this yardsale, I'm really excited to have it. There's always something so promising about them; maybe it's about the possibility of finding something you really want in between the other junk someone's selling, or the way a yardsale sign can make you want to stop where you were going and find exactly where it's being held. I don't know! Yardsales have been a thing with my mom and my aunt, and now I think I have the same passion for the used-yet-still-needing-to-find-a-good-owner items that people sell. I can't wait to give my stuff a new home where someone can appreciate it better than I can.

I hope the skies stay clear these next two days. There is a small chance of thunderstorms and rain, so I'm crossing my fingers that the small chance just vanishes. I want clear skies, a mild heat, and lots and lots of people willing to buy!


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