Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Itch

Summer, to me, cannot be fully experienced within the confines of four walls. Which is truly an ironic (or perhaps not ironic, since I've heard most people don't really understand when something is ironic or not, me being one of them) statement because I've spent most of my teenage summers, since I discovered the wonderful world of the internet, locked in the house working on my vampire tan. Or lack thereof.

But this summer is different. I feel an itch when I'm in the house for too long, under the lights that can't possibly shine harder than the natural light of the sun can. I feel an itch when the air conditioner chills my skin. I feel the itch when I'm sitting, like I need to be up and doing something. And that's exactly what that itch is. It's the itch of summer, the itch of needing to do something. I just got that itch, that spontaneous fun-filled itch and I spent half an hour dancing across my front lawn like it was the stage of So You Think You Can Dance.

I twisted, I turned, I shimmied my hips. I may have snuck in one of these:

I worked that invisible crowd, while also occasionally glancing over at my neighbors just in case they were watching. Can you say embarrassing? But even if they had been, I probably wouldn't have stopped. Because this is what it's about. Having fun in the summer heat no matter who's eyes are on you.

I feel sweaty and a little gross, but totally satisfied knowing I got that itch out for now, and I had fun. I had full blown smile-on-my-face fun, and it felt fantastic. I honestly have been missing out so much on these summers by staying inside like a recluse. This summer I am going to make the outside my home. I'm going to think of 101 ways to soothe that summer itch, and I'm going to create memories I can replay later.

Enjoying the summer that isn't even officially here yet. ♥ Priceless.


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