Monday, June 14, 2010


In most of our eyes-held-tight wishes we're living that fast paced famous life. Whether it be an actress, rock star, princess of a far off land, or something equally ridiculous, wishes are normally filled constantly with people to meet, places to be, and things to do. I doubt most people (because there are always exceptions) are wishing for that life of utter relaxation; where most days are spent sitting on the back porch rocking, or sitting on the couch lounging, or not hearing the phone ring for days. Except maybe our grandmothers and grandfathers, that is.

But those wishes of excitement are just that: wishes. And our lives cannot constantly be (unless you really are an actress, rock star or princess) busy. They cannot be constantly overwhelming. Pure fact is, sometimes you just need a day off. I mean, even the Queen of England must have days where she sleeps in. It doesn't matter what life you have, what occupation you've chosen to work, you will always crave a day (or more) where everything just stops.

Today was that day for me. It's been pretty busy around the household because of school ending, graduation, and college all demanding attention at once. This past week and a half has been the busiest I've ever been. I needed a tiny break. So today while dad was at work and my sister off at friends for the night, my mom and I took that break together. That needed moment of relaxation where you don't have a care in the world. You hit the pause button and you don't plan on starting up for a while.

We made popcorn, got our pillows, laid down, made sure we got ourselves comfy, and hit play...on a movie, that is. We watched a movie while we slowed down and took time to just enjoy each others presence. To enjoy not needing to answer the phone, or drive somewhere, or doing something immediately. It's these moments that you remember. Sure, you might remember a party where some girl did something risque or a guy did something totally disgusting. You might remember some other thing you did in the throes of being busy. But when everything just stops and gives you time to notice the details you've been whipping by, it's different. It stands out more.

I want my summer to not only be busy (because being busy isn't bad) I want it to be relaxed and enjoyable. I want summer to be exactly what it's called: summer vacation. I plan on doing just that.


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