Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Wednesday. The day that people usually hate. It's in the middle of the week like a secluded island and we're standing on it's beach looking out at the horizon that teases us with hints and illusions of seeing...something, the weekend perhaps? But no, we're still two days away from that and we're still stuck on this freakin Wednesday island.

I don't feel like that at all today. I don't feel tired or wishing for the weekend or anything Wednesday usually holds. I wish I could describe how I feel...I just feel like my body is relaxed, like I could take on anything in this moment. Sure, my eyes keep watering because I think there's a speck of something in them (and I've rubbed off all my eyeliner trying to get. it. out.), and I have class in about an hour and a half but right now? anything. You name it, I'd be able to do it, baby. I finished my first class of the day which was actually fun for once, had me some cool ranch Doritos, and now I'm just content.

I'm content to sit in the same spot I always sit in at college while I wait for 3:30 math class to roll around so I can slunk sadly to it. I feel fine to sit here, listening to the quiet hustle and bustle of people occasionally walking past. Things right now just seem to be looking better, which is funny because nothings changed, just my attitude. I still have a paper due (although not this friday, i got an extensioooon!) that I'm still struggling to work on, I have homework that needs completing, finals to prepare for, my friend is still sick, my christmas presents for people are slim to none, my room is a disaster, my computers battery is failing, and I have work this weekend to top it off.

But. There is positivity weaved throughout that bleak list. I've purchased tickets to see a band I've been dreaming of seeing since I was 13, I've got my drivers exam coming up which despite possibly flunking I'm excited for, I've gotten my boss & friend her baby gift which I can't wait to show her, I managed to fit into smaller sized jeans, I have the best friends and family around, and the holidays are coming, baby! Which means no class soon, and more break for me-time!

I may complain, I may cry and get frustrated, but that doesn't mean I see the world through jaded or even foggy eyes. I know that it could be worse, and I know it isn't that bad, so I allow myself time to work through my emotions, then get right back to seeing that there is positive things waiting for me to acknowledge, too.


Life with Kaishon said...

It sounds like you have the perfect attitude and outlook on life! AND you can fit into smaller jeans! That is pretty darn wonderful! Hope your weekend is fabulous!

You are at a fun stage of life. Enjoy every moment!

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