Monday, December 20, 2010

nineteen, New York, and Christmas all wrapped into one!

It's crazy how fast this past week has gone by, and I've been meaning to write about so many things, like my birthday and New York and then I'd forgot, or not have the time, and somehow we got to Christmas and now I have so much to lump into one post.

19 doesn't feel any different than 18, then again I say that every year about getting older. But 19 sure as hell feels way different than 16. 16 feels so long ago, but at the same time I still remember being 16. Somehow I got from there to here; the shift from becoming a teenager to being a teenager to the branch into young adulthood included with bills, a job, and car keys. 19 brings me so very much, and yet I'm still deemed a "teenager" and I can't drink alcohol, so to most I still am a kid. In ways I do feel like that kid playing in her moms high heels, with smeared lip stick on my lips, but in the ways that matter I feel confident enough to rock the heels I have that make me a long-legged 6 foot tall beauty, and the dark red lipstick I have stashed away for those special occasions.

My birthday was spent with my best friend, laughing and having a fantastic time, and while the troubles of my every day life (that we all face and have to deal with) didn't vanish, they got momentarily forgotten for better times. I'm 19, and I plan on making it a fabulous year. Everyone has that one year that was fantastic; that when looking back on their childhood they think "oh yeah, that's the one I'd go back to". I want 19 to be mine, because while being 18 was filled with so many amazing things (like senior year, graduation, my first year of college, my amazing job, and getting my license) I want 19 to be the year where I have a blast, where I learn who I want to be and who I am even more, where I get into a little bit of trouble while having a lot of fun, meet new people, and maybe just maybe find that special someone to call my own. We'll see, 19 could be my year.

It's looking up to being my year because 19 was brought in with a bangin' trip to New York. We went the 22nd, and it was my second time ever in NYC. I went with four friends and it was amazing. It was cold but not cold enough to ruin our day. We got dropped off by a bus not far from Times Square and we spent the day walking around, seeing the sights, and shopping.

Not something you see in PA...ever.

It was very different from my semi-rural-suburban city in Pennsylvania. I'm use to fields, corn, horses and lots of open blue skies. I'm use to seeing our cities with lots of houses, and gas stations, and traffic. New York is ten times busier, dirtier, brighter and crowded than any city Pennsylvania has to offer. NYC is amazing in a very weird way. At times it smelled so bad but at the same time it was so beautiful and eyecatching. So many people, so many shops, so many offers- it was mind blowing to even think that some people deal with that every day, just to walk to walgreens! (Which, there was one of those on times square, too!) There were so many cars, trucks and there was an ocean of yellow taxi's that it was unreal to think anyone would need that many available to them. I don't even know how many blocks we walked, we only stopped once and that was to eat at an Applebees. Oh, i know what your thinking, "doesn't PA have an Applebees??" Sure. But this Applebees had like, 3 stories of space. The main lady seating us was wearing a dress. Ain't no Applebees like that in PA, no sir. We were on the second floor and had a good view of the people below us, perfect for people watching.

Don't even get me started on the stores! They were huge. It's like NY doesn't know the meaning of overcompensation. I mean, Forever 21 had four floors and a mens section. Our mall at home is serious lacking in the glitz and glam department because this Forever 21 was breathtaking. Sadly I only got one photo because they made sure to station someone right there at the door for the sole purpose to crush my little heart by saying "Ma'am? No pictures."

I walked in and like, gasped. Angels should have been singing.

The one thing I will tell anyone who goes to New York, especially if you're stationed in Times Square? Bring money. Because it's ten times better when you have it. Sure, seeing everything is nice, but Times Square was not created with the purpose to window shop. I wanted so much but only brought so much money and I forgot my credit card. It all worked out in the end, literally I spent exactly everything I brought except for a handful of change. Yup, I know how to rock it. Pushin' it to the limits! I know you can walk into any Forever 21 and shop in any state, but it just felt even more...more while in this one. Was it the glam? Was it the shiny? Was it the pure amazing awesomeness of the store? I have no idea. It just felt different.

My friends and I in New York.

I saw so many funny things, like someone holding a "NEED MONEY FOR WEED" sign (who turned out to be kind of a douche) and a man painted in silver pretending to be a staute. There's a Charmin Restroom building which we didn't go into but I'm pretty sure all that was inside it was toilets. Even New York goes to the bathroom in style! They have a whole store dedicated to M&M's and there are walls and walls of the colored candies. My friend and I were already making plans to go back before we'd pulled away from the curb at the end of the day. It was an experience, and if anyone is unsure about going- GO! It'll be worth it. I want to go back and see a musical sometime.

New York at night is even more lovely.

The Charmin Restrooms. "New Yorks #1 place to #2" their slogan, not mine.

Silver man! It was so weird to see someone just out on the corner doing this.


Last thing on this list to discuss is Christmas. I woke up around 10 something this morning sleepy and tired and kinda cranky. But that quickly passed and I was ready to open gifts, and my butt was quickly seated by the tree (my sister was already there on her side, a present ready to go in her willing hands). Mom took the dogs out, dad sleepily stumbled out of his room, and once everyone was seated we were ready to unwrap! My gifts were perfect, and only one thing has to be returned because I'm slightly stupid because I didn't know Bluray discs didn't play in regular DVD players, so my Supernatural Season 5 disc has no way of being played in this house at all. A mistake that will not be made again! Mom felt bad, but it's not her fault! I asked for it. So we'll just return it and get the regular DVD's and I can enjoy it then. No biggie.

I got some clothes, and makeup, books I wanted, and jewelry. I go this adorable owl bag I asked for because I love owls, and I kinda wish it was bigger because I'd make it my college book bag. Heck, maybe I will anyway if my books for next semester aren't that big or heavy. I loved Christmas this year, because it's not the amount you get, or the dollar signs that add up, it's the fact that my mother tried her hardest to make her girls happy and that shows me so much more than any expensive gift could. That she loves me and wants me happy. That makes me happy. We gave her a cup that said "Mom, each day I love you more", but it wasn't what I planned on giving her so she'll either be getting a late Christmas present, or I might just make my original idea for her, her birthday present. But her birthday's in August, so I'm still not sure what to do.

This year was pretty great, it had it's moments of not-so-great times, but doesn't every year? Let's bring this new year in with a bang, and hope that it's just as good, for me and for everyone else. Merry Christmas!


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