Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nella's Rockstars!

I know not many people get a glance at my blog, something most days I'm not bothered by. But I know the power of spreading the news and even if a lone voice is screaming something in a deserted room, there is the power of at least one person overhearing it. I'm gonna be that lone voice today.

I didn't really get to a whole Resolutions for 2011 post because I haven't really made any for myself yet, and most of them have just carried over from 2010. One thing I'd like to take a moment to say is that somewhere in 2010 I changed. In a magical beautiful way, that made me see myself in a more magical beautiful light. I became more loving, more accepting, more me, than I've ever been before, and I can't say it was just a shift of character on my part. A small part of it was friends and family, and the growing responsibilites of adulthood that made me grow up just that little bit, but the largest by far, was reading this amazing women's blog. There is power through words, and there is power through love. She combines both of those to create magical and truly inspiring posts, which are about her love of her family, especially her two beautiful girls. Somewhere deep inside me her words touched me, and I realized that if I'm not the person I want to be, if I'm not loving the hardest I can, if I'm not sucking the marrow out of everyday, even if the day is boring and drab and a lets-stay-in-our-pjs day, what use am I getting out of this magical world? I don't want to regret things I knew I could change, so I changed myself. Not drastically, and not to become someone I'm not, but to enhance who I am, and I am loving it.

With that said, her second daughter, Nella, was born with Down Syndrome, and Kelle has used it to get her voice heard to help not only her daughter, but the other 400,000 Americans that live with it, too. Here is where my voice will be shouted as loud as I can, and if you happen to hear it, and stumble across this post, I urge you to donote to her Cause whatever you can. $1? $5? $20? $100? Whatever amount you can, or feel like, donating is a miracle to these beautiful people, who just need a bit of our help to reach their full potential. We all have the chance to make our dreams come true, why shouldn't they? I fully believe that if we cared just a little bit more for each other, and helped out one another just a bit more, too, we'd be living in an even more beautiful world. And let's be honest, it's pretty beautiful now, if you just let yourself see it's good side. (:

You can donate here: to Nella's Rockstars. A Cause started because of her daughter, but that gives back to the Down Syndrome community. Come on, people! Let's help raise her goal of $15,000! We're halfway there. So please, if you see this, or see it on Facebook, or someone else's blog...please, please, PLEASE, donate!

I don't ever donate, mostly because I couldn't before, and I can't possibly donate to everyone, but when you find something you're truly passionate about, or that you know needs your help, you don't overlook that. So I'm not, and you shouldn't either.

And if you're still not sure about donating, read this post of Kelle's. It says what I couldn't, and let's you see what I can't make you see.

This world should be seen as a whole, as a community, and if we just let the ones struggling in our community alone to struggle by themselves, without helping them, that says a lot about us. We should at least care for the ones in our community who need help. So, please, care about them, for they are beautiful and amazing and no different than us.


Kelle said...

Your comment made me cry. You are such an amazing, generous person. Thank you so much for your kindness, Friend.

Michelle Xo said...

So happy to see you sharing the news! Doesn't she just embody the we-really-are-all-in-this-together vibe?

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