Friday, November 12, 2010

Do My Thing

So many posts on my facebook this morning are about how it's finally friday. Of course, I join them in the elation the weekend brings, but it's way to close to Monday and the start of my busy and deadline-filled week.

I'm a procrastinator at heart. If I could get paid for it, I'd be in procrastinator heaven. Sadly, no one likes someone who puts things off at the last minute. The only good thing about this is I've become super good at doing almost anything last minute. Getting dressed in the morning under 5 minutes flat, doing makeup in a blink of an eye (or even in the car), typing out a banging paper the night before. It's become something I've gotten use to, and in High School you can get away with that type of behavior. College is so different. It's not like I haven't already typed out a banging paper and gotten a good grade, no I've done that already. It's the fact that procrastination when you have tons of deadlines in one week is so bad. I have a couple papers due next week and neither of them are finished, heck, one isn't even started. So while this friday is great, and the weekend is approaching, I can't find that deep smile that represents time away from school that likes to show up. In comes a worried frown and a "how the hell am I going to do this!?" thought bubble floating above my head.

I've written out a "weekend to-do!", as I've called it, which hopefully helps me manage my time a little bit better. I think I can do this if I can stop getting distracted every other second. Not only are these papers I have to write, they're research papers, which is probably why I'm more eager to do anything else but what I'm suppose to be doing. I love writing, I do, but research papers are not writing...they're hell. I have to look up someone elses work and try and form my own thoughts around it, but also citing who I got it from and all the while trying not to plagarise. Hey, not doing it on purpose! If i wanted to plagerise it wouldn't be the wrods of some old scholar who talks in big words I don't understand. it would be words of like, budda or someone famous. Those are words to steal. ;)

So yes, my weekend is not filled with partying or seeing friends, nor sleeping. It's filled with work in the morning and coming straight home to work on projects I really should have had done already. This is only my fault, and I admit that wholeheartedly. The only thing left to do is my thing. And my thing is famous. Doing my thing can totally get all this done.

Have a great weekend!


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