Monday, July 26, 2010

Otherwise known as the Best Day Evar

Sometimes you just need those days. You know, those days. The ones that are planned, but then suddenly something random comes up so you free some time for them and the day just becomes ten times more better. I had one of those days today, and it was something I've been needing for a while.

Summer hasn't gone how I planned, and I've said that before, but that doesn't mean it's been bad. This has probably been one of the best summers I've had yet. Sure, I haven't lost much weight, I haven't gotten than all-over tan I wanted or even gone to the beach. What I have done is seen my friend so much more often then I usually do, gone to the lake and created so many wonderful memories that it's unbelievable. Our days are not suppose to be penned in with ink; they are suppose to be penciled in lightly so when we erase to make changes, we only see the new marks. My day was completely erased and rearranged.

I had planned to go with mom today to do some school shopping. She had coupons and now a days coupons are things we don't pass up. But I got a call this morning at 8am (far too early for me to even be up yet, since I usually stay up later in the summer) from my best friend asking if I wanted to go with her, her mom and her brother to shop for her awesome 18th birthday party we're throwing. As long as I would get back in time to go with mom, I was all in! So we headed out to Party City and from there on I had a blast. I may be 18, I may be asked to have a checking account, to pay for college and to even get a drivers license (something I'm still working on) but no one can take my childhood spirit away. Just today I asked mom "When do you become an adult? Is there like a transition, because I don't think I'm ever going to fully become an adult." My mom told me there isn't. You just are expected to do "adult things" that come first. Well today was not an adult day.

I played with party favors, got the phrase "taste like candy canes on christmas" stuck in all our heads so we kept repeating it at randomly (and loudly) everywhere we went, made crude jokes, stole candy from the candy aisle (just by opening up the packs and taking a tart or two) and even had a Warhead (the candy) War. Resulting in me peeing my pants. It was just fantastic to hang with my best friend, her brother (who may be immature but sure is funny as hell) and her overzealous mom.

We had lunch then blasted music (much to her mothers dismay and protests of wanting country music, which we ignored) to which we sang loudly to out the car door windows. I made it back a bit later than planned but still got to go hang with mom and shop with her. Shopping with my mom is always a nice time. It doesn't have to be frantic or extremely funny; just hanging one-on-one with her is great for me. I love spending time with my mom and I had a lot of fun shopping with her. If there is one person I could always rely on, it's her. No matter what we fight about, what we may say during those fights, she's got my back and I've got hers.

So after that (yes, I know, BUSY day) I texted my bestie, the one I'd hung out with this morning, to ask if she still wanted to swim. She said yes, so we loaded up the car and I headed over to Kelsi's house for some swimmin' fun. I love swimming. It's relaxing, its fun, and things become ten times funnier when you put yourself in water.

We were flipping, we were just wading around, but most of all we laughed. One of my favorite things to do. Later when it was just yes in the pool (minus her boyfriend and his brother) Kelsi started seeing this "vortex" (just black dots in her eyes) which was 10 minutes of fun for her, and hilarious fun for me seeing her go around looking amazed and trying to play with it. I sure know how to pick 'em, and I really mean that. My friends are amazing; they provide me with laughs and I have some of the most beautiful, kind and reliable friends ever. I have been blessed.

I hung out at her house after swimming a bit, but I headed home then eagerly because my mothers Candles By Victoria order came in! I think after I upload this order I'll do a mini review just in case if anyone ever stumbles over this, and really just for my own pleasure because I love reviewing things. I can't wait to put my own order in.

Today was great. Tomorrow, though, I got work to do. I have a whole list I wrote out for myself, some of the things on it include college, cleaning my messy room, calling Dell tech support and finding a perfect present for my best friend. Hopefully I can get that all done tomorrow because I hate it when I have a list of chores to do. Yuck!


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