Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fourth of July (relived on the 10th)

So this is way late, but I want to say my fourth of July was way fun! We celebrated over the course of two days, Saturday & Sunday. The first day mom and I had stopped up at the gas station and gotten some fireworks so that first night was us testing them all out and my cousin having a scary run in with a bumblebee firework. Toooooo funny! I had the best veggie hotdog of my life with mayo, mild banana peppers and mustard. Ohhh, delish. Anyone cringing reading that? You have NOT tried it. It sounds disgusting but tastes like pure heaven. So the first day was just my parents and I (minus my sister who has been away for a while and just arrived back home today), and my cousin's wife & daughter.

The second day was a bit more...Fourth of July-ee. We had the same cousin over with his family, but along with them they brought his wife's mother and sister. Then my dad invited a couple friends of his, my mom invited her best friend and her husband, and I invited my lovely friend layla. It was a hot hot day filled with laughter, talking, water balloon fights (non-surprisingly most of the balloons taken by the adults to throw at each other, my little cousin didn't want to get that wet...she did anyway haha) which ended in everyone soaked, grilling out and delicious DESSERTS. Later when everyone left, because no one stayed as long as they had the previous day, Dad, Mom and I did the new fireworks we had went up and gotten that morning. It was just fun. It was so much fun because we had a bunch of people over (which never happens), we had a great time with friends, amazing food, and days like this do not come around as often as they should.

♥ my family.

Hopefully hitting the water this Monday! Not the beach, sadly, but a lake! Hey, water is water, right? We'll be hitting the beach sometime this summer though. I demand it!!


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