Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The End

Things are not going well in paradise today. Actually, to be honest, I am as far away from paradise as you can get. Paradise is over there, clearly mocking me, as I watch from afar with a look of longing and feeling of alienation. But I started writing this out for a whole different reason, for something much happier. I know some people release emotions through writing, and sometimes I can too, but today is not that day. Writing about what happened will be neither therapeutic or relieving for me; it will just cause the thorn in my heart to twist further down.

There are a couple things that I tend to do when I'm very upset and wish my hardest I could get away from it. I listen to music, which has always been very helpful for me, I shut myself in my room (check!) and I do something to distract myself. Sometimes it's a marathon of my favorite movies, or my favorite TV show, but today it was video games. Yes, video games was the chosen device to clear my head and just take me away for a while. It worked.

I'm a huge fan of the Kingdom Heart video games. I have the first, I have the second, I have the Chain of Memories game, and a long while ago I added to my collection and got the newest; Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. I don't even remember when I got it...I'm pretty sure I got it this year, but if not then it was sometime around the end of last. Either way, I had pretty much gotten over halfway through and stopped playing because I couldn't beat this one Boss. I picked it up, beat that boss, played it some more and then yet again abandoned it. This time I had a new reason to pick it up and beat it, and my need to just escape reality led me to finished the game. Over this past day and a half I beat the game and I feel so accomplished. There is nothing better than seeing something out until the end, no matter what it is. Hearing that music play as the credits rolled? Pure heavenly music to my ears.

If I had to rate the game, I'd probably by default give it a 10/10. Looking really down into my cons/pros of the gaming aspect I'd probably readjust that to a 8 or 9 out of ten. I can't complain much though. The graphics were as good as they've always been, the cut scenes were always enrapturing, and the game play was mostly exciting. There were some really hard bosses, and some really boring missions, but for the most part I was happy to play it and didn't get bored. It's really funny going back on my Kingdom Hearts history because I played the first game religiously, and when the second came out, I played that one till the very end. So I ended up beating the second before the first, only because the first was so freaking hard. It was maybe...a year and a half before I beat the first game. Actually, it might have been way longer. I just had stopped playing but finally I loaded my old game and was so determined to finish it; and I did!

I haven't beat the Chain of Memories gameboy advance game yet. Mostly because it's card style playing and that's really not my cup of tea. I like the game well enough but the game style is enough to kinda throw me off; I'll finish it sometime though. Adding this Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days game under my belt feels pretty great.

I have to admit the ending made me tear up. You get into these characters, especially after playing the games for years and watching their stories play across screens. It made it ten times worse when the ending of the game had two best friends saying goodbye to each other; in a very unconventional way, of course, but still. When Roxas looked down at Xion and said "But who will I have ice cream with?!" I lost it. With already being an emotional wreck and feeling this sense of loneliness...watching these two friends lose each other had my eyes brimming with tears. Even now thinking about it makes my sight blurry.

I guess maybe I feel too much of a sense of accomplishment, but I just love the feeling of finishing a game. I think I deserve it, too. Some of those Boss's were hard! When I beat the first one the ending screen came as such a surprise to me that I snapped a photo of it on my phone (which I'm pretty sure I still have) and I did the same this time.

Although the pretty drawing of the characters...The End seems even too final for me. I guess I just hate reaching the end of a good story. I loved this game, and I'll definitely end up playing it again.


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