Monday, March 14, 2011

Scales are evil

I don't mean the fish variety, either. I mean the "lets see how much we weigh today" scales. This fluctuating weight thing sucks. I'm all excited cause I lost a pound or two, and then the next day I'm a pound or two more than yesterday! So I got no where at all. Misleading! This doesn't stop me from doing my (loose) exercising, though. I'm not like, hitting the crunches hard here. I do some dancing, I do some weird leg crunches that I remember doing in gym in HS that KILLS my neck but leaves my stomach muscles feeling used (like they never do).

Even if this way makes me loose weight slowly, it'll still be more exercise I was doing than before (which was none). I want to be healthier, and even if I sometimes choose the junk to eat over the healthy stuff, I'm honestly trying. This is the life I get to live, regardless of what is in my afterlife or what have you, I want to live the life I was given right now because this life right now is what matters wholeheartedly. So, just updating on the progress I've sorta been making, I guess. That's to say that I'm still attempting to work out!

That's a plus, right?


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