Friday, March 11, 2011

Better late than never!

I've never been a work out kinda girl, and I've always been heavier. What can I say, I love food and apparently it loves me. It's a dependency relationship, haha. Anyway, there are so many diets out there and so many come with either too many rules/directions or the side effects of damaging yourself completely if you don't follow them right. I'm already a vegetarian that doesn't follow the rules, so I probably don't get the recommended x, y & z's that I should... So dieting never was in my forte, because it's hard and also, like I said, I love food.

Since I graduated school not even a year ago (but almost a year, I can't believe it!) I've lost a significant amount of weight. Now, let's not get hasty with that statement, I'm definitely no Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen. Nor do I ever want to be. But I'm smaller than I was, and I've slowly been losing. Slow is good. Does it win the race? No. Does it get you to the end of the race? Sure. I'm happy with what I've accomplished by just not eating as much and being more choosy with what I eat. Does that mean I'm satisfied with the weight I'm at? Certainly not. So today instead of taking the nap I wanted before work, I hooked up my ipod to my speakers and I did a little bit of dancing. Hips swivels, marching, arm raises, twists, turns, name it, I did it for 25 minutes. Just five minutes shy of how many minutes "they" (whoever they are) say it's healthy to exercise in a day. I would have gone longer but hair gets greasy when you sweat and I just washed it and it looks pretty for work, lol. Shallow? Maybe a little ;)

Either way, after I was done I felt...lighter. Maybe not my shakey legs, those felt like lead, but inside my heart I felt like I was doing something to make myself healthier, and the best part is I was doing it for myself. I've been told by others I look fine the way I do. I thank them and smile, but it's not about how they perceive me. It's about how I perceive myself. If you're not happy with yourself (and mind that you actually have a realistic goal, we don't want anyone going anorexia on us, plz) then do something about it in a healthy, safe way. Walk to the store or dance in your kitchen while cooking. I can't do the first one, I live too far away, but I can tell you I certainly do dance while I cook! Admittedly not because I wanna exercise but because I'm happy I get to eat, ha ha ha! Sorta kidding! ;) Anyway, so I've decided that in the minutes I can spare...maybe it wouldn't be so bad to hook up the tunes and get onto my imaginary stage and strut my stuff. It's healthy and it's something I love to do. Dancing has always made me happy. It runs in my genes because my mother is a fantastic dancer. Sometimes I wish she'd decided to pursue that career instead of the one she has now.

So all in all, I guess I'm writing this as a reminder to myself that exercising may be hard and gross (ew, sweat) but in the end it's what helps us get results. I remember getting on the scale and being shocked at how much I'd dropped. I want to continue to do that because it's a great feeling. I don't think there's anything more depressing than seeing that you've gained when you didn't want the pounds. I'm not sure what weight I'm aiming for, I think I'm just going to aim for when I feel fully comfortable in the body I have. I'm not uncomfortable with myself, image-wise. I think I'm beautiful inside and out, and I'll always have my curves ;) But I want those curves to stand out nicer, and have less of a jiggle, ya know? haha!! So I guess this is my late new years revolution of "Get Rid of the Jiggle!" Better late than never, right??


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