Thursday, March 10, 2011

March Showers

We've been getting a case of the rains lately. I thought april showers bring may flowers, not march showers! But a shower I have been getting every time I walk outside. I'm particularly drenched from walking to and from classes at college today, and my car was parked allllll the way at the end of the parking lot from this morning (damn college students ALL taking classes at 9 in the morning). Which means when I went to go move it to a more closer parking spot, I had to walk the million and one miles to my car. in the rain. with no umbrella. My black tights now look like they have a spot pattern from the rain drops falling on them as I walked like lightening to my car.

Despite it raining, and the tons of tests I have today, and the fact I'm sick again... I feel pretty good today. It's not like I'm without issues or illness or the drama of yesterday upon me. No, I still have all that. But I feel lighthearted and happy because yesterday was a really good day. I got to spend in with a person I really care about, and the happiness I felt then has floated along with me into today. Do I have things I still worry about, like the test I'm not sure I have in my next class that I also didn't study for? Sure, I worry. Do I worry about my co-worker who is attempting to start drama with me, when I'm wholeheartedly against starting drama in the workforce? Yes, I'm also worried about that. But those take residence at the back burners of my mind, because all I can feel is his hand in mine, his hand on my hip, his lips on the back of my neck. It's not perfect, it's not ideal, and it certainly isn't conventional. I'm not asking for those things right now, especially when I'm so uncertain of where I'll be in a half a years time anyway (college-wise)... nor will I ask that of him, when he has his own personal issues to deal with, too. Yesterday we finally got to spend time outside of work together and I felt like a real couple for a few hours. Nothing I say or type will truly explain how happy I felt, and feel, and who knows if it will ever happen again, but it happened. Just like I'd hoped, and it was all I wanted.

After my classes today, and all I have is one more (and a online test I need to do today), I'm free and off to frolic in my spring break. Yup! Spring break is upon me and I plan to make the most of it by relaxing, exercising, cleaning my room, hanging with my best friend, and most of all...sleeping in. oh, how nice is that gonna be? Fabuloso! Spring is so very close, I just want this cold weather to go away. We need some warmth around here.


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