Monday, August 16, 2010


Summer is coming to a close, or at least the summer of waking up mid-afternoon, staying in PJs all day, hoping in the car with my friend and heading to pick-a-random-place, and pulling all nighters. Approaching at a break neck speed is college. This ultimate huge first that seems scarier than any first I've ever experienced. This place where no one really knows me, this place where I get to start over, make new friends, have new experiences.... It's scary and frustrating, and to be honest I have shed too many tears over the price this college has been costing me, but behind that is this tingling excited feeling that starts in my finger tips and engulfs me. This is starting my life and becoming the adult that will find love, will have a family, will laugh with friends over her dorky childhood past, who will create so many more memories. I have such high hopes for my future, and it starts now. In order to shape the future I need to make every minute of the present count.

This whole month has been filled with a varying degree of emotions. Fear, excitement, happiness, hope, sadness... I have had a headache more times than I have before in my life. It's all been worth it, though. This experience is needed so I know how I can handle stressful situations in the future; situations that just come out of nowhere and bombard you when you're not looking. I had to put college on the back burner for a week though because my best friend had her 18th birthday party this past weekend, and I wanted it to be amazing for her. She asked me to help her make her birthday cake, which was not as easy as it sounds. She wanted a cake boss-esque topsy turvy cake that literally put us threw hell and back. As fun as it was, towards the end we couldn't even look at the cake without cringing.

Although it wasn't perfect, and the fondant sure as hell didn't want to work with us one inch, for beginners I think we did alright. The final product (before it decided to fall over on itself because of the weight) turned out like this:

Her party turned out great. It was the only day it didn't rain, the clouds were out so it wasn't sunny, and everyone was down with the games we picked out to play. Although our cake was tilted so badly we had to keep it up with a huge jar of pickles (way funnier if you'd seen it) people liked it. Believe me, the buttercream? Tasted AMAZING. We laughed so hard we almost peed ourselves at times, and we danced the night away when it got darker. She deserved a good birthday bash and I'm glad we could pull it off so everything went okay.

I think this college stuff coming up has put me on the wrong track. So many people get worked up about money and needing to get this and that and bills and.... we need to step back. We need to see whats in front of us and what's important. Sure, money and bills and education means something in society. But what means the most to YOU? Family. Friends. Love. Laughter. Those are what mean stuff to me, personally. This has been making me forget that I'm building my education FOR those things. So I can life a comfortable happy safe life with my loved ones. I just have to remember that.


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