Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So my birthday is about two months away. TWO. I'll be 19 freaking years old. How is this happening, is this even real life?

But, today was not my birthday. Today was my dear friend Marie's birthday, who is turning 18 years old. Who now I can say is legally an adult (although what a scary sentence that is, ha!). I had my two classes of the day, the last one I left early two and we headed out for birthday shenanigans. No way was I going to let her birthday pass without a little birthday fun.

We headed out to CiCi's where she's apparently never been, and she tried their macaroni & cheese pizza (which I find slightly revolting, but her and my other friend think is heaven). After that lovely trip to CiCi's (and I always find that place weird, they have to shout at you when you enter/leave, and it's just unnerving...) we headed to a tattoo/piercing parlor to get pierced!

Now, I've only had two other piercings. I've had my ears done, but that was when I was little so I don't remember, and I had my lip done. But that's been closed for years now. So I've been a little out of touch with needles, needless to say. I wasn't that scared, just nervous. She went first and she got her labret done, which looks freaking awesome. She said it hurt, but she's a wuss, so I can't really judge her opinion. ;) I was next and really...the clamp they use to hold the ear (I got my Tragus done) hurt far more than the actual piercing of the ear. It wasn't that painful, and it didn't hurt enough for me to never get another ear piercing ever again. I can hardly remember the pain now, and it's only been about 2 hours since I've gotten it done.

I think it looks awesome. Right now it has a stud in so I can't wait for the 4-6 weeks to hurry up and get here so I can put a ring in it. I think it'll look nicer, although it looks pretty sweet now.

Anyway, today was a great day. I got to celebrate with a friend, and I got a sweet piercing.


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