Saturday, April 30, 2011

B-E-Auty School

You're dreams are more than worth defending. - The Used

Whenever I feel down, I like to repeat this particular lyric to myself. It's exactly what everyone should say to themselves, because it is completely true. Our dreams, our goals, our needs, just what we want in life...all of it is perfectly worth defending. If you want to be a plumper and your family says be a doctor, but this is your dream....That is worth defending. That is worth striving for because in your life your happiness is what is most important. These dreams can be realities and that's worth defending at any costs. So sure, maybe some people don't see me being a Cosmotologist. Maybe some don't see me being an Audio Engineer. Some may have this completely different perspective of what I can be good at, but hey, my dreams are more than worth defending and those dreams are no one's but mine. I still want to be an Audio Engineer. That will never change, I can feel music in my bones when I'm watching a music video or listening to my music anywhere and everywhere. I can tell you my passion for music will never die. But sometimes life gives you these curveballs, these unexpected paths you have to take in order to find these other dreams you maybe never knew you had.

My curveball was financial, and it hit me hard. I didn't give up, but I found another path that could help me step-stone my way to possibly becoming an Audio Engineer. Beauty School gets you licenced in less than a year, and I can have a job (most likely) right after college. And if i so choose, I can work my way up into any job in Comotology I want. But what I'm saying is, I want a job I'll enjoy, and I will enjoy doing hair, makeup and nails. Is it going to be my forever-job? Who knows. Lot's of people switch jobs and even careers. I plan to save up money and try Audio Engineering again- and I am not someone who pushes her dreams aside, if I still have that passion for being an Audio Engineer I damn well will become one. But this Cosmotology could be it for me, and as I went to the school I'm interested in, I felt that same spark I feel for music. perhaps not as deep and profound, but I felt it. And I knew I could take out loans for this and not feel any remorse.

So hopefully soon I will be a Beauty student, and I will learn something new and apply it to life and live fabulously. As we all should.


In the meantime, I have finals to study for, Spanish homework that is late, a test I missed, and work to be doing. So what have I been doing this past week? Playing Portal, hanging with my best friend and doing our nails. I am a nails-are-different-every-day type of girl. I rarely have the same nail polish on my fingers, but this one I just might keep on for a while.

cuuuute, right? I've been getting better at doing designs and I'm really proud of this one. Plush this reminds me of summer and summer is on it's way. Although we've had bad weather a little bit lately, it's warming up and I can leave the house with flip flops and a light jacket on.

Believe me, no one is more ready for summer because it means nooo schoool! Just best friend time and work and FUN. Bring it.


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